Washi Tape - Passers-by | dodolulu

This "Passers-by" washi tape with original illustration by dodolulu is perfect for paper crafting, embellishing and decorating handmade goodies. This design of tape makes it able to be cut into little individuals to make small stickers of many girls :)

25mm × 10m (in 20cm loop)
Japanese Washi Paper
Country of Origin

a little bit about dodolulu's Washi Tape
dodolulu`s washi tapes are the perfect way to add a pop of color and personality to your journal, planner, or any other handcraft project. The illustrations are original and carefully chosen to be the best match for your creative endeavors. Each roll is made with high-quality washi paper that is easy to tear and doesn't leave any residue behind. Plus, the adhesive is strong enough to stay in place but also removable without leaving any damage. Add some fun and flair to your projects with dodolulu washi tape!