Wooden Rubber Stamp Set - In the Forest | dodolulu

Step into the woodland wonder with our journal stamp set - "In the Forest". This enchanting collection paints a poetic tableau, where a girl, lost in her own world, shares her secrets with the birds, whispers tales to the fox, and finds solace amidst trees, grasses, and flowers. "In the Forest" is not just a rubber stamp set. This is more than just for bullet journal or planner. As you delve deeper into this forest, you'll find beauty in the smallest of moments, discover stories waiting to be told.

\In the Forest/ journal stamp set
📌 Qty: Set of 8
📌 Material: Beech wood
📌 Height: 20mm
📌 Size:
- Girl: 75 x 28mm
- Birds: 75 x 13mm
- Grass: 45 x 14mm
- Flag: 30 x 14mm
- Lily of the Valley: 35 x 33mm
- Tree: 33 x 20mm
- Fox: 40 x 22mm
- Petal: 22 x 15mm